In the “Infiltrating the Airship” episode of the Henry Stickmin Collection, snagging the Pure Blooded Thief rank is the ultimate goal. It’s like an interactive storybook where you call the shots. Want to use cool gadgets or get a buddy like Charles to help? Go for it! Making mistakes is all part of the fun – just learn from them. To win, think smart, be flexible, and outwit your foes. Timing is key; make every move count. With some persistence and cleverness, you’ll navigate through challenges and become a master thief, grabbing that shiny ruby in no time!

Watch The Henry Stickmin Collection – Escaping the Prison & Breaking the Bank

Watch The Henry Stickmin Collection – Stealing the Diamond

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The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalized. This 6-game epic culminates in multiple entirely canon, extremely different endings. Each step of the journey has you choose from options such as a Teleporter or calling in your buddy Charles to help you out. Correct choices will move the story forward, but incorrect choices lead to a fail. If you get to the end on your first try, you’re doing it wrong. Failing is half the fun.

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